Sherman, Alvin Franklin, jr.:

Mariano José de Larra: A Directory of Historical Personages and Literary Figures in his Writings (with computerized indices) (Spain)

UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA (0246) Degree: PHD Date: 1990; pp: 604
Source: DAI-A 51/11, p. 3769, May 1991
Order No: AAC 9112024 ProQuest - Dissertation Abstracts

The current study collates and defines the more than 1000 historical and literary figures that appear throughout 255 of Larra's costumbrist, political and theatrical articles. These works were published in several prominent Spanish newspapers between 1828 and 1837. This work is divided into an Introduction, two indices, a Master listing with brief definitions and an appendix.

First, the Introduction places Larra's lifetime and works in perspective regarding influences. Through a series of examples I attempt to show how the inspiration of several important writers stimulated Larra's writing style and influenced his perspective regarding society. Also included is a series of tables that breakdown the various characters into several categories (i.e., writers, scientists, artists, political figures, and miscellaneous items). Each of these groups show a breakdown of ethnic origin and the time frame in which the figures exercised their profession.

The next two sections are indices. The first index shows which figures appear in each article in chronological order (i.e., Index of Articles). The second index entails an overall view of each newspaper and the figures that appeared during specific time periods (i.e., Index of Newspapers).

The most important portion of the text is the master index which includes a brief biography of the figure. This definition includes the personage's date of birth and death, the ethnic background and occupation, a brief outline of important events and, finally, in the case of authors, a list of works. Also included is a short bibliography where additional information can be found. At the end of each citation is a complete listing of places where that particular figure appears throughout Larra's articles.

The Appendix provides an additional listing of theatrical characters that appear in Larra's critiques and indirect references to important authors (i.e., el autor de Marcela). Also included are several articles collected by Susan Kirkpatrick which do not appear in the edition of Larra's works edited by Carlos Seco Serrano for the Biblioteca de autores españoles.

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