Amell, Alma Margaretha

La preocupación por España en Larra: Culminación y punto de partida. (Spanish text)

STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT ALBANY (0668) Degree: PHD, Date: 1985 pp: 258
Source: DAI-A 46/11, p. 3368, May 1986
Order No: AAC 8600785 ProQuest - Dissertation Abstracts

The dissertation is a study of how the preoccupation with Spain has always been the source of inspiration of many Spanish authors, from Cervantes to contemporary writers, such as Juan Goytisolo and Francisco Umbral. A clear line can be drawn from the seventeenth century to our days, a chain in which Cervantes, Quevedo, Cadalso, Larra, Mallada, Costa, Macías Picavea, the generation of 98 and many contemporary writers form important links. In this chain, Larra is the one who is responsible for the fact that the trajectory of preoccupied authors did not end in the 19th century, but lives on and is even intensified in the 20th century.

Through an analysis of his historical and personal background, as well as of his articles, it is shown that the reason that Larra's work is still read and will never become outdated is a combination of several factors, among which his modern style--a unique and ingenious mixture of popular sayings and sophisticated style figures--is the most distinguished one.

A relatively new phenomenon is highlighted with regard to Larra's influence on other writers. Not only is he admired and frequently discussed by contemporary writers and playwrights, but there is also a remarkable resemblance between "Fígaro" and Francisco Umbral. The latter even reaches the point of giving some of his writings the same title as certain articles written by Larra.

After this investigation it becomes clear that Larra and his articles are still very much alive in today's Spain, and that they will probably continue to influence generations of writers, poets and playwrights for a long time.

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